2013 Youth Missions Trip

In July, a team of LIFE youth traveled to Castroville as part of Central Coast Baptist Association’s Highway 1 project.  This project was meant to bolster the local community’s acceptance of a church plant to be founded in the fall.  Under the leadership of Pastor Moises (the pastor of the church plant), the team was able to experience the latino culture and spiritual climate while reaching to and expanding the kingdom of God amid the urban community.  Of the many lessons we learned as a team, one recurring theme throughout the trip was God teaching us to spread the good news regardless of how we thought we would be received.  The acceptance of the Castroville community and the passion of Pastor Moises encouraged all of us to dive into conversations, even with strangers, with the assurance that God would provide the direction.

youth_mission_2013_1 youth_mission_2013_2 youth_mission_2013_3